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About Me
I have been working as a stylist since 2005, owning my own studio since 2014, and educating others in the industry since 2017. My expertise has been recognized by Beauty Launchpad, and other publications.

Originally from Utah, I have a fondness for the changing of seasons. . Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink, and I have a deep appreciation for Chinese cuisine, and shopping at TJ Maxx. Additionally, I have a Sheepadoodle named George, who brings me joy. I am happily married and the proud parent of a 24-year-old son.

Throughout my career, I have consistently sought opportunities for personal growth. A few years ago, I became heavily involved in hairstylist forums, which exposed me to the intricate science of hair and hair color. Despite my many years of experience in the industry, I was astounded by the vast amount of knowledge I had yet to acquire. Feeling a deep desire to share what I had learned with others, I pursued a position as an educator for Malibu C. Which led me to independent education and becoming an Olaplex Advocate.

Hair is my true passion, and sharing my knowledge with others through teaching is an incredibly rewarding experience. Witnessing the look of enlightenment on someone's face when they have that "aha" moment is truly exhilarating for me. Having built strong connections with my clients over the years, I am now thrilled to extend those connections to fellow hairstylists. I eagerly anticipate every opportunity I have to teach and inspire others in the industry.

My teaching philosophy revolves around the following key principles:

- Cleansing the canvas
- Formulating for natural hair color
- Redirecting color
- Employing a gentle approach to transitioning hair color
- Achieving more predictable color results

-Designing beautiful short haircuts & pixies

-The art of client consultation 

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