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Salon Info and Updates

Welcome to Amy Spencer Hair


 Liv Salons 

3674 W South Jordan Parkway

Suite 231 South 
Jordan, UT 84095

We are happy to have you, we want to keep everyone safe, and healthy. Our salon is a place of love, and beauty. Please be aware of the energy you bring in.

salon policies Below: 

MASKS OPTIONAL! If you would like to wear one, and you want me to wear one, pleased let me know. If the numbers stay low, we can enjoy a mask free appointment. 

Disposable masks are best, as they will get hair and/color on them. 

IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS of ANY Illness please let me know, and we will reschedule. I am high risk, so I appreciate you caring for my health as well as the health of my family, and clients. 

Please come alone to your appts, this is time for you and your stylist. Having other guests distracts from this. 

No Refunds on services or deposits

 My reminders have changed. You'll now get 2 of them. one 78 hours before appt, and one the day before. Even if you fill it out, and confirm. This is to ensure you fill out the COVID waiver before you come in. 


 I will NOT tolerate an hate speech or racial slurs in my salon. This is a place of love and beauty, and there is no room for that behavior here.

Thank You for visiting, We look forward to seeing you soon.

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